Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Provide Best Education With Co Curricular Activities To Your Child

Education is most important to every child, but as Co curricular activities are also important. Education is developing child's future, but Co curricular activities develop child health and development. Parents always want bright future for their children so they find best schools which are providing better education and develop his child mentally strong.

In the Ahmedabad there are lots of school, which is providing best education environment to the students. Amrut School is one of the Top 10 School in Ahmedabad which provides best CBSE education to the students. Amrut school has an intense faith that an all round personality and the grooming of the students, is the core purpose of the school. It is the education, with a mix of curricular and co- curricular activities which reaches beyond the classroom teaching processes.

Amrut school provides two board education one is GSEB and another one is CBSE. Amrutschool run the smart class for the student which is called as an Amrut Smart Class. In this class Computers are used broadly and lecture plans are developed for each subject throughout computer software.

Amrut school provides facilities that are available to students are science laboratory, library, food court, information technology and sports such as cricket, volley ball, basket ball, Kabaddi, kho- kho and different kinds of drill. To inculcate a spirit of competition and self confidence, sport
competitions are organized on a regular basis. The school is a perfect blend of Indian traditions and world culture. This helps a student to adopt any environment and face the challenges of life with ease. The school believes in facilitating a student in all possible ways that will help them grow physically and mentally.

Amrut School provides NCC Training for the students in Ahmedabad. The school has a big playground for NCC training. Special NCC trainer’s officers give training to school students. Amrut School develops extracurricular activities such as social services, cultural activities, professional training, physical training, etc. for the student. The students at the school are confident to take part in curricular activities for their all round development. The curriculum activities at the school also include music, dance, arts and sports. Involvement in curricular activities gives the students mental rest and also helps them to stay physically fit and healthy.

The teachers at the school teach the children with full care and attention. The teachers or professors teach using positive guidance techniques to enhance a child's feeling of self worth. The school provides a positive atmosphere that promotes the social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of the children. Amrut school is best CBSE school in Ahmedabad.

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