Thursday, 25 September 2014

Amrut School Farewell Party For Std 12th Student


Amrut school in Ahmedabad12th student celebrate farewell party in the school. Farewell is arranged for the students who left the school and going to in collage. Students miss their school days but they are also excited for the going into collage as well meet the new friends, new study ambiance etc. School life is the most important part of each and every student.

Friday, 18 April 2014

In Ahmedabad City Amrut Schools Offers Quality Learning To Nurture Your Child

As a city continues to grow at a fast pace the schools of the locality has an important role. Being the temples of education schools has an important role in shaping the society as a whole. This is especially important for fast growing cities like Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is well known for its development in the field of education among many other sectors; there are many top CBSE English medium schools in Ahmedabad.

CBSE English medium schools in Ahmedabad are ideal for students who are aspiring to compete for examinations like medicine and engineering as CBSE conducts AIPMT and AIEEE exams as well. To reduce the stress level of the students CBSE has lately been participating in reforms like examinations and evaluating practices. One of the oldest institutions of Ahmedabad, Amrut School is one of the best English medium schools in Ahmedabad. The school has also strived in achieving excellence in many fields. They also offer a large variety of co-curriculum and curriculum activities.

Established with the vision of providing quality education to its students is affiliated to the CBSE and GSEB (Gujarat State Education Board). The school not only understands the basic need of indulging modern education techniques in the curriculum, but inculcates spirit of competition and increases their self-confidence level. Other features that make Amrut School the best English medium School in Ahmedabad are:

Amrut School
Playgrounds for Basket Ball, Cricket and Football
NCC training center
A terrace garden
  • Attentive and caring staff
  • Blend of Indian traditions with the world culture
  • Playgrounds for Basket Ball, Cricket and Football
  • A terrace garden
  • Computer labs and Science labs
  • NCC training center
Over the years English has become not just popular, but a global language. Today English is not just a science, technology, commerce or computer language, but an internet, website, parliament and journalism language. Nearly 80% of the information available on computers is in English. Thus, making the demand for English medium schools in Ahmedabad all the more important.

Amrut School is an English medium school in Ahmedabad. The school offers the children world-class education and is affiliated to the state board as well as CBSE. The school is well known for providing education with other curricular and co-curriculum activities.

With summer at our doorsteps summer vacation is also here. So what let your children sit inside and gloom their holiday away? Now days there are a lot of possibilities for the summers. Still for suggestion you can:
  • Enroll them at a summer camp
  • Enroll to a library
  • Swimming
  • Sports classes like football, tennis or karate
  • Music and Dance classes
Apart from enrollment classes there are activities that can be done at home like:
  • Gardening: The feel of seeing a seed grow into a plant will be memorable to tell the school
  • Crafts: Indulge them in making their own play house or decorations for Diwali
  • Painting: If your child likes painting gives them a few hours to just paint
  • Computer/Cooking Classes: Get them to join a computer or cookery class if they have an interest in this field. If your boy wants to join cookery class let him, Most of the world renowned chefs are men.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Amrut School Student Memory and Achievements in 2013

Amrutschool celebrate Independence day in the school. First they are doing flag hosting then dance performance on patriotic songs.
independence day celebrations
independence day celebrations
independence day celebrations
Amrutschool is very well known CBSE English medium school in Ahmedabad. School celebrate annual sports festival for the student.Amrutschool include Long Run, NCC, Volleyball, Kabbadi, Football, Tenis, Basketball etc in the sports day.
Annual sports day
Annual sports day
Annual sports day
Annual sports day
 Amrutschool participate in science fair also and improve the new idea for the science fair.
science fair competitions
science fair competitions
Amrutschool develop the students skills through various activities which is help full for student physical as well as mind power improvement. Amrutschool is Best CBSE English medium school in Ahmedabad.

Friday, 13 December 2013

CBSE English Medium Schools Imparting Quality Education

The greatest asset any country can have is the human resources, quality workforce. Education plays an important role in providing quality workforce to the economy of the country. Quality education helps make a person socially responsible and active. Education is no longer consider as a tool or means to just earn a livelihood, apart from helping one earn a living, it also helps one become mature. It gives one the ability to differentiate between right or wrong. In modern days, CBSE English medium schools play an important role in adding value and bringing quality to the education system.

As the popularity of English grows worldwide, the need for skilled professionals with good communication skills in English also increases. English is one of the most spoken languages by many people in the world and also understood by almost everyone. Along with the medium of instruction as English, many schools are looking out for the best available curricula to develop quality and knowledge among students. Central Board of secondary education is now the most popular curricula that are being followed by many schools, as the board has the latest and relevant topics included as part of its curricula, keeping the students, who take the course ahead of those who follow other board’s syllabus.

Some of the proven advantages of CBSE English Medium Education

The CBSE students excel in various national level entrance examinations, it is observed that more than 50 % of students who successfully clear these entrance tests for admission into the various institutes are from CBSE English medium schools. Their education at CBSE English medium better equips them with the required subject, math’s, science, etc skills and also with the latest curricula and syllabus that is in sync with the test patterns for many national level exams.

Apart from various national level exams, the CBSE English medium education better equips students for international level English tests for admission into international colleges and universities. CBSE students perform better in tests like TOEFL/IELTS tests that assess the English language proficiency of the candidates.

The science curricula of CBSE boards are updated regularly to cover latest developments and research information. This helps the students to gain greater knowledge and clear the tests required to gain admission for various universities at national and international level.

Quality CBSE English medium School in Ahmadabad

Amrut School is an institute of repute offering quality English medium education following CBSE syllabus for close to 50 years now. The alumni of the institute have achieved greater success in their personal and professional lives today. What differentiating point at Amrut schools is their value system, they high set high values in not only imparting education but also in making the students responsible and socially aware.

The CBSE Board updates its curricula very often to meet the growing needs of the industry and also to keep itself current with the latest developments in scientific and technological fields. Amrut schools following the CBSE syllabus makes sure that its faculty is also updated with such information at regular intervals. The school encourages various self learning and improvement programs for the teaching staff.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

English Medium Schools Preparing Students For Global Challenges

A report on education says “English is the important window to the world,” following that, the number of English medium schools in Ahmedabad has been on the rise of late. Also, English is now become the third most taught medium of instruction at high school level, and in a country with 22 languages, this shows how popular and important the language is.

English is an international and a global language. With India becoming more and more open to global free trade, and investments coming in from all parts of the world, mostly from the English speaking countries, learning this language and being good in communicating in English will give one an edge in educational and professional positions.

Importance of English medium of Instruction in schools

English is spoken by more than half of the world population and is understood by almost anywhere in the world. In India, English is almost the official language, and most institutes of repute at higher education level like the IITs, IIMs have English as medium of instruction. This makes it imperative for English Medium schools to concentrate more on teaching their students this language. Thus, it becomes easy for students at higher levels of education, if English medium of instruction is followed at high school and primary level.

Also, the number of students going to reputed foreign universities for higher education is increasing, every year. As foreign universities have better teaching methods, research infrastructure and help students get better jobs and industrial training, knowledge of English helps student’s gain admission and adjust easily to the foreign universities and societies.

In addition, as India has a huge workforce, being the second populated country in the world, with good education and employable skills, the world is looking at Indian labor market to make use of it. This will also help Indians make living and earn fortunes. To be able to work in global environment knowledge of a global language, like English is very helpful.

The number of English medium schools in Ahmedabad, along with the country has been increasing every year. One such school that has been imparting quality English medium education for years in Ahmedabad is Amrut School, one of the oldest educations Institution in Ahmedabad.

They seek to help students by achieve their goals and also make them responsible citizens by avoiding mediocre learning; they follow the policy of Good Thoughts – Good Words - Good Deeds, are all inter related and one thing will lead to the other. A quality English medium school in Ahmedabad, it is being operated under the supervision of the state government is managed by a board of trust that has members from diverse walks of life.

Given the global trends in higher education, employment, and business opportunities, English medium schools in Ahmedabad, worldwide there is a trend and inclinations towards English as a second language, many countries like Japan, China, and South Korea among many other countries are spending lot of money and time in training their future generations in this language for global advantage. It therefore becomes imperative for India to impart English at high school level to be competitive globally.