Friday, 18 April 2014

In Ahmedabad City Amrut Schools Offers Quality Learning To Nurture Your Child

As a city continues to grow at a fast pace the schools of the locality has an important role. Being the temples of education schools has an important role in shaping the society as a whole. This is especially important for fast growing cities like Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is well known for its development in the field of education among many other sectors; there are many top CBSE English medium schools in Ahmedabad.

CBSE English medium schools in Ahmedabad are ideal for students who are aspiring to compete for examinations like medicine and engineering as CBSE conducts AIPMT and AIEEE exams as well. To reduce the stress level of the students CBSE has lately been participating in reforms like examinations and evaluating practices. One of the oldest institutions of Ahmedabad, Amrut School is one of the best English medium schools in Ahmedabad. The school has also strived in achieving excellence in many fields. They also offer a large variety of co-curriculum and curriculum activities.

Established with the vision of providing quality education to its students is affiliated to the CBSE and GSEB (Gujarat State Education Board). The school not only understands the basic need of indulging modern education techniques in the curriculum, but inculcates spirit of competition and increases their self-confidence level. Other features that make Amrut School the best English medium School in Ahmedabad are:

Amrut School
Playgrounds for Basket Ball, Cricket and Football
NCC training center
A terrace garden
  • Attentive and caring staff
  • Blend of Indian traditions with the world culture
  • Playgrounds for Basket Ball, Cricket and Football
  • A terrace garden
  • Computer labs and Science labs
  • NCC training center
Over the years English has become not just popular, but a global language. Today English is not just a science, technology, commerce or computer language, but an internet, website, parliament and journalism language. Nearly 80% of the information available on computers is in English. Thus, making the demand for English medium schools in Ahmedabad all the more important.

Amrut School is an English medium school in Ahmedabad. The school offers the children world-class education and is affiliated to the state board as well as CBSE. The school is well known for providing education with other curricular and co-curriculum activities.

With summer at our doorsteps summer vacation is also here. So what let your children sit inside and gloom their holiday away? Now days there are a lot of possibilities for the summers. Still for suggestion you can:
  • Enroll them at a summer camp
  • Enroll to a library
  • Swimming
  • Sports classes like football, tennis or karate
  • Music and Dance classes
Apart from enrollment classes there are activities that can be done at home like:
  • Gardening: The feel of seeing a seed grow into a plant will be memorable to tell the school
  • Crafts: Indulge them in making their own play house or decorations for Diwali
  • Painting: If your child likes painting gives them a few hours to just paint
  • Computer/Cooking Classes: Get them to join a computer or cookery class if they have an interest in this field. If your boy wants to join cookery class let him, Most of the world renowned chefs are men.

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