Sunday, 10 November 2013

English Medium Schools Preparing Students For Global Challenges

A report on education says “English is the important window to the world,” following that, the number of English medium schools in Ahmedabad has been on the rise of late. Also, English is now become the third most taught medium of instruction at high school level, and in a country with 22 languages, this shows how popular and important the language is.

English is an international and a global language. With India becoming more and more open to global free trade, and investments coming in from all parts of the world, mostly from the English speaking countries, learning this language and being good in communicating in English will give one an edge in educational and professional positions.

Importance of English medium of Instruction in schools

English is spoken by more than half of the world population and is understood by almost anywhere in the world. In India, English is almost the official language, and most institutes of repute at higher education level like the IITs, IIMs have English as medium of instruction. This makes it imperative for English Medium schools to concentrate more on teaching their students this language. Thus, it becomes easy for students at higher levels of education, if English medium of instruction is followed at high school and primary level.

Also, the number of students going to reputed foreign universities for higher education is increasing, every year. As foreign universities have better teaching methods, research infrastructure and help students get better jobs and industrial training, knowledge of English helps student’s gain admission and adjust easily to the foreign universities and societies.

In addition, as India has a huge workforce, being the second populated country in the world, with good education and employable skills, the world is looking at Indian labor market to make use of it. This will also help Indians make living and earn fortunes. To be able to work in global environment knowledge of a global language, like English is very helpful.

The number of English medium schools in Ahmedabad, along with the country has been increasing every year. One such school that has been imparting quality English medium education for years in Ahmedabad is Amrut School, one of the oldest educations Institution in Ahmedabad.

They seek to help students by achieve their goals and also make them responsible citizens by avoiding mediocre learning; they follow the policy of Good Thoughts – Good Words - Good Deeds, are all inter related and one thing will lead to the other. A quality English medium school in Ahmedabad, it is being operated under the supervision of the state government is managed by a board of trust that has members from diverse walks of life.

Given the global trends in higher education, employment, and business opportunities, English medium schools in Ahmedabad, worldwide there is a trend and inclinations towards English as a second language, many countries like Japan, China, and South Korea among many other countries are spending lot of money and time in training their future generations in this language for global advantage. It therefore becomes imperative for India to impart English at high school level to be competitive globally.

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