Friday, 5 July 2013

Some Tips for Choosing a Right School for Your Child

There are a number of international schools mushrooming in every corner of cities. Parents evaluate both schools and teachers so they can find the right place for their child. While not everyone has school choices available in their districts or communities, many parents explore options if and when they can. And whether you are looking at public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, or considering private or parochial education, you’re bound to have questions about making the right choice for your child.

Even before a child reaches the right age, many parents feel stressed just thinking about school admissions. Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal, and can be difficult.

  • The facilities the school has to support your child’s learning – such as playgrounds, library, home language support, music programs, clubs and sporting teams
  • The opportunities for parent and family involvement with the school, and how communication between home and the school is managed
  • The school’s size and number of children enrolled
  • The school’s religious affiliation or otherwise
  • Your preference in relation to public versus private education
  • The location of the school, cost or difficulty of travelling to and from the school, and public transport options
  • Your preferences or needs – for example, boarding, or the possibility of educating your child at home
  • The connection between the school and the local community
  • The schools’ previous academic results or performance in other areas, such as the arts, sport or community engagement
  • Where your child’s friends are going.
  • Are the school fees and other costs affordable?
  • Choose the school, which will suit the development of the child emotionally.
  • Look for a school where your child will enjoy and will like to go.
  • Check it is a CBSE school or English medium school or international school

School environment where your children live is very important for the development of their personality and social, academic, artistic and physical. Choose a school that appeals to you by making frequent visits and asking loads of questions to the school's parents, teachers, students and the principal.

Be sure to talk to other parents with children in the school. They are the best sources of information when it comes to understanding how a school really is.

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