Thursday, 23 May 2013

Firdaus Amrut Center is Best CBSE School In Ahmedabad

CBSE Schools are present all over India because of the increasing demands and need for quality education. Ahmedabad city is rapidly growing and so the educational facilities of the schools are of a higher standard to keep up with this pace. With more and more CBSE schools in Ahmedabad mushrooming like never before, looking for the right school in Bangalore seems to be a difficult task for any parent.

CBSE is a self-financing body that takes into consideration the needs and requirements of the affiliated schools. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation is the most popular school examination board.

Amrut School is one of the leading CBSE schools in Ahmedabad. The maximum intake of students in class is restricted to 25 students enabling a dedicated personal interaction between teachers and students. CBSE divided into 3 parts in Amrut School.

Firdaus Amrut Center Pre-Primary School

Firdaus Amrut Center Pre-Primary School consists of Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. We have good infrastructure to provide complete learning and growth to the young minds and also imbibe good morals and manners from beginning. Lots of fun activities are carried out to make kids understand simple concepts and get more observant and sharp towards their surrounding.

Firdaus Amrut Center Primary School

Firdaus Amrut Center Primary School starts from 1st standard till 7th standard. The infrastructure is also planned in such a way that students have proper access to play ground, library and recreational amenities. Regular field trips and real time exposure is also provided to students as and when required.

Firdaus Amrut Center High School

Firdaus Amrut Center High School starts from 8th standard till 10th Standard and is affiliated with Central Board for 10th Standard Board exams. As the board exams are major fear, we make sure that the students are properly trained and we have counseling sessions with students for removing any anxiety they have in their mind. We also nudge students to give attention to co-curricular activities so that the mind could be diverted and that helps in getting mentally stronger.

The best international CBSE schools in Ahmedabad offer all the facilities for your child from well ventilated class rooms to dedicated areas for extra-curricular activities like art, craft, music, dance, library and more. Enquire whether the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology including interactive boards, projectors, high speed internet and projectors.

To conclude, keep all these factors in mind before you admit your son or daughter in one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad.

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